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July - August 2017 Newsletter

Thank you! For all your continued support of KornerStone Kids and the contributions you make every day to our preschool family!  For the months of July – September we are offering families and staff the opportunity to win a $50 gas card.

Change of Clothing Updates

Water activities and occasional bathroom accidents occur, in the event that this happens it is necessary for children to have a change of clothes, that will be kept at the Pre-School at all times.  Please have clothing marked with your child’s name on it. 

Tips For The Summer

Never leave infants, children, or pets in a parked car, even if the windows are cracked open.


Dress infants and children in loose, lightweight, light-colored clothing.Schedule outdoor activities carefully, for morning and evening hours.


Stay cool with cool showers or baths.Seek medical care immediate if your child has symptoms of heat-related illness.

Health Corner

Summer allows more time for children to play outdoors, but when kids are covered with bug bites after spending time outside, parents may start to worry about disease spread by ticks, such as Lyme disease, or by mosquitoes, such as West Nile virus. Luckily, parents can take simple steps to prevent bites and diseases spread by bugs.



Use an effective insect repellent Parents may feel overwhelmed by the many bug protection products in the grocery aisle, wondering which ones are best. CDC recommends a variety of effective products. Check the label for one of the following active ingredients: - DEET - Picaridin - IR 3535 - Oil of lemon eucalyptus most pediatricians recommend using products with 30 percent or less of these ingredients on kids. Once you’ve bought an insect repellent, use it whenever you and your children are outdoors. Put a few bottles or packets of repellent anywhere you might need them– in the car, by the door, in your bag. Make it easy so you’ll remember. As hard as it may be to think about, any single bug bite has the potential to bring illness, so it’s worth taking a moment for prevention.


For more information, please visit or or call CDC Info at 1-800-CDC-INFO

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