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Our Staff

Hope Hicks
Tish Mathis
After-School Teacher
Francine Manning
Preschool Teacher
Marilyn Blevins
Infant & Toddler Teacher

The talented and passionate teaching teams at Korner Stone Kids Preschool are led with enthusiasm, values and vision.  We build cohesive teams by valuing each teacher’s strengths and contributions within the programs and recognizing the relationships with the students in their care.  We sincerely believe that our teachers are professionals and they are the foundation of our school. In fact, quality educators are the single most important factor in achieving a healthy, thriving school and creating meaningful bonds that are so essential to learning.


We recruit the best educators in each community we serve by offering competitive pay and benefits, time off work, advancement and training opportunities, a beautiful and fun work environment and ample classroom supplies so they can be creative and individualize the classroom activities.  



Our curriculum was designed with the teacher/student relationship in mind and allows for our creative teachers to foster their classrooms in a very organic and student-led manner. We are committed to providing these valuable teachers a positive working environment in which they can thrive, continually improve and feel fully supported.


Our teachers are respected and trained as educational professionals, and provided the tools and ongoing professional development to thrive and be enthusiastic within their classroom.  Team building and staff morale are a primary focus of our highly dedicated school directors and leadership team.  



Our teachers understand that children learn best when they are provided a foundation of warm, responsive care and a genuine loving relationship is built with their teacher.  And we understand that this same environment must also be afforded to our educators in order for the Korner Stone Kids brand promise to be fully delivered.

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